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Business Planning


Business planning represents the process of the official declaration of achievable business objectives, its reasons and plans for their achievement. The business plan gives the scheme of business, the market in which it will work as he aims to earn money and to get profit.

A business plan can help to provide financing, to place priorities and to estimate opportunities. The business plan is a document allowing to manage business and, therefore, it can be considered as a component of strategic planning and the internal management tool of the organization.

Never it was so important to have a business plan as it is now. Nowadays, when the financial markets are unstable and it is very difficult to find financial resources – credits, loans, etc.  the business plan purchases crucial importance for business.

A business plan, made by us can become a management tool for your business, can help you be guided better in the market and to develop. It will also give you an opportunity to receive financing with more low interest rates.


Business planning has two main objectives:

  • it answers a question of the investor whether it is worth putting resources for the specific investment project;
  • it is information source for the people who are directly participating in implementation of the project.


In general, business plans shall cover information about:

  • Business profile of the company
  • Vision, mission and purposes
  • Marketing researches
  • Operational strategy
  • Products and services
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial strategy


Business planning is a fixed type of activity; it is regularly reviewed and updated every time when circumstances change. Effective planning of business can be a key to success.


Our services include:

  • Preparations of business plans of companies of any kind
  • Development of financial strategy of the company
  • Creation of financial statements
  • Marketing plan (Media plan)
  • Marketing researches
  • Market researches for receipt of the credits and a loan under low interests


For  consultations and questions, please, contact us by e-mail or by number specified to phone.

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  • Address:
    Cascade Business Center
    14 Skryhanava street, 4th floor,
    Minsk, 220073, Belarus
    +375 29 910 47 99