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Outsource Accounting


Financial accounting is an irreplaceable part of any company. It is extensive and complex work which requires great attention, time, personnel and resources. Therefore many organizations delegate powers of accounting on behalf of the specific company that is specialized in accounting as it is cheaper and more effecient than to carry it out in their own companies.
Such transfer of financial accounting to the specialized companies is called  Financial Accounting Outsourcing.

The specialized organizations — the professional consulting firms which are engaged in outsource accounting services offer conducting financial accounting based on the submitted documents: creation and delivery of accounting records, creation of tax accounts, conducting financial accounting to IFRS or according to national standards, etc.

For each organization the specialized organization prepares the scheme of accounting services – specific to activities of this organization, owing to the professional activity and financial opportunities.

Benefits of outsource accounting services are: outsourcing services will help to save expenses, account management on a fixed basis, receipt of high-quality services without involvement of additional personnel or acquisition of the corresponding expensive software, saving of time and resources, and also their direction to the core business of the company, Small business won’t need to spend time and resources in aspiration to observe requirements of the tax legislation.

“A and P Consulting” LLC can help you with acquisition high-quality accounting services. Experienced and skilled tax consultants of our company will have the contribution in:

  • Preparation of tax accounts
  • Carrying out calculations during tax audits
  • Tax planning
  • Provide information on legislative changes, etc.

    Our services include:
  • Conducting financial accounting and reporting
  • Services in IFRS (IFRS)
  • Financial accounting recovery
  • Financial accounting statement
  • Tax accounting
  • HR records
  • Preparation of the financial reporting
  • Preparation of the financial reporting for the foreign owner in the English, franztsuzky, German and Armenian languagesServices to private clients and private companies
  • Provision of all types of the reporting in tax and regulating boards (reports in IMNS, FSZN, Belgosstrakh, bodies of statistics)
  • Other services

To receive consultations and for questions, please, contact us by e-mail or by provided phone number

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Cascade Business Center,
14 Skryhanava street, 4th floor
Minsk, 220073, Belarus
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Albert Asatryan

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  • Address:
    Cascade Business Center
    14 Skryhanava street, 4th floor,
    Minsk, 220073, Belarus
    +375 29 910 47 99