Outsource accounting is an indispensable part of any organization. In the meantime, it is a voluminous and hard work requiring vigilance, time, staff and resources. Therefore, many organizations transfer the authority of conducting accounting on behalf of the particular organization to a specialized organization, as it proves to be cheaper and more cost effective than conducting it in-house. Such transfer of the accounting to a specialized organization is most commonly referred as outsource accounting. Specialized organizations dealing with outsource accounting offer conducting accounting on the basis of submitted documents; compiling and submission of financial statements, preparing tax reports. For each organization, specialized organization prepares accounting service scheme specific to such organization’s activity, in view of its professional activity and financial capacity. Advantages of outsource accounting are: – keeping of account on an ongoing basis; – obtaining quality services without recruiting extra staff or acquiring appropriate expensive software; – saving time and resources, and the use of the latter of the core activity of company.
ASATRYANS can help you in acquiring quality accounting services. Experienced and skilled tax consultants of our company will have their contribution in preparing tax reports, making calculations during tax audits, tax planning, getting familiar with legislative amendments, etc.
Thanks to our accountants and financial consultants you will be able to more flexibly and effectively manage your assets, perform financial planning – budgeting, analyze your business and keep accurate accounting. Cooperation with ASATRYANS will relieve you from the burden of accounting issues.